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Lord of the Rings PVC Statue: Lurtz

Out Of Stock Lord of the Rings PVC Statue: Lurtz

Series: The Lord of the Rings
Material: PVC
Size: 25 cm

Bred at an accelerated rate beneath the Tower of Orthanc by the fallen Wizard Saruman, Lurtz is the first of a new breed of Orcs sent to attack the Fellowship at Amon Hen.
Tall, broad-backed and fearsome, these fighting Uruk-hai can run long distances without rest, even beneath a bright sun.
Lurtz leads a scouting party of many dozen of the brutes, lynx-eyed and alert for any sign of their quarry as they hunt for the Hobbits amid the woods of Parth Galen.

 Figures of Fandom: iconic characters from the hottest in pop culture.
Εach character is faithfully captured through 3D sculpting and comes complete with a stylised environmental base.

Product features:

- By fans, for fans;
- Sculpted by Yorke Yu;
- Made from high-quality PVC;
- Lurtz is paired with his Uruk-hai sword and shield;
- Base design depicts the forest of Amon Hen;

We've designed Lurtz as a companion piece to Aragorn.
Two warriors unmatched on the eternal battlefield of good and evil.
Here the mighty Lurtz prepares to launch his shield and trap his foe; muscles bulging as he prepares to strike with fury and precision..."
PublisherWeta Workshop
Size25 cm

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