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Erotocritos by Vitzentzos Kornaros

-20% Erotocritos by  Vitzentzos Kornaros

Written in English.

The love of Erotocritos for Aretousa, set in an imaginary pre-Christian Athens. A love romantic and idealized, but thwarted by difference in rank and seemingly doomed to be frustrated. Yet the determination and self-sacrifice displayed by these two lovers will surmount every barrier that is raised between them. In the chivalrous Mediterranean world of fantasy where this tale is set its heroes must be victors in war and love alike, must rebel to magic to achieve their aim. And achieve it they will.

A popular romance in poetry for over four centuries and justly considered one of the masterpieces of the Renaissance, "Erotocritos" in now transformed into a modern graphic novel that has both popular appeal yet at the same time employs selected elements from the original work. This, together with its creators' faithful rendering of traditional artistic and architectural features, achieves a brilliant combination of narrative and image.

IllustratorΓιώργος Γούσης,
AuthorΒιτσέντζος Κορνάρος,Δημοσθένης Παπαμάρκος,Γιάννης Ράγκος
Size20,5 × 28,5 cm

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