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Q-Master Diorama: Batman's Family

Out Of Stock Q-Master Diorama: Batman's Family

Series: Batman
Size: 39 cm (base excluding)
Material: Plastic
Sculpture: Mohammad Haque

The biggest, most detailed figural Q-Fig diorama ever made, the first in a new series of large format dioramas called "Q-Master". Collect them all!

Batman, the ultimate loner, paradoxically has a big family. You can see it in everything he does, everything he is. The death of his family made him. He fights to make sure no one else ever has to suffer the loss of loved ones like he did. And despite his protests to the contrary, he is forever building family around him. Each sidekick is represented in this piece, with their positioning and expressions reflecting their personalities and relationships with Batman:
- Jockeying for position over Batman's right shoulder, Damian Wayne (Robin) and Jason Todd (Red Hood) battle with each other and try to get Batman's attention. They lack the motivation and nobility that drives Batman, but very much want to live up to their training and the legacy of the Dark Knight.
- Tim Drake (Red Robin) sits on Batman's left shoulder and holds one of his cowl's ears. Tim, a great detective in his own right, seeks Batman's approval and fatherly guidance.
- Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) sits on Batman's right arm and shares a playful look with him. Unlike his other partners, Barbara already has a strong father figure in Police Commissioner James Gordon. But in Batman, Batgirl sees a mentor who can teach her a different kind of crimefighting.
- Dick Grayson (Nightwing, formerly Robin) looks over Batman's left shoulder. He was the first member of Batman's family and he sees Bruce Wayne for the man he truly is. Nightwing is cool and confident, no longer looking for approval from Batman, but still finding inspiration in the Dark Knight as he follows his own path.

Not suitable for children under 6. Swallowable small parts. Choking hazard.

CreatorMohammad Haque,
ManufacturerQuantum Mechanix
Size10 cm

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