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Mini D-Stage: Disney Alphabet Art "MICKEY" (100 Years of Wonder)

Mini D-Stage: Disney Alphabet Art "MICKEY" (100 Years of Wonder)
Mini D-Stage diorama. Collect them all!!!

- Series:
10 cm
- Material: Plastic

Hand painted with great detail

Each letter in "DISNEY" represents a famous character that embodies that particular letter. The series features six classic characters: "D" showcases the energetic Donald Duck in his classic sailor outfit, "I" brings the adorable mascot Mickey Mouse with his iconic white gloves, "S" features the extraterrestrial experiment 626, Stitch, engrossed in his favorite book, "N" stars everyone's favorite chipmunk duo, Chip n Dale, "E" showcases Tigger famously flying away with balloons, and finally, "Y" presents the lovable Winnie the Pooh enjoying some delicious honey.
With meticulous design, be sure to collect all the figurines and join in on this once-in-a-lifetime celebration with Beast Kingdom and Disney today!
ManufacturerBeast Kingdom Toys
Size10 cm

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