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All-Star Batman Vol. 2: Στα Πέρατα της Γης

-10% All-Star Batman Vol. 2: Στα Πέρατα της Γης

Original title: All-Star Batman Vol. 2 - Ends of the Earth, 2021

He is Gotham City’s guardian. He is the Justice League’s Dark Knight. He is Batman, one of the most iconic characters in history. But without his equally classic foes, his legend would be incomplete...

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CreatorFrancesco Francavilla,Giuseppe Camuncoli,Jock,Mark Morales,
Size17x26 cm
TranslatorΗλίας Τσιάρας
WriterScott Snyder

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Tags: Anubis, Graphic Novel, DC Comics, Batman, Μπάτμαν, Francesco Francavilla, Φραντσέσκο Φρανκεβίλ, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Τζουζέπε Καμουνκόλι, Jock, Mark Morales, Μαρκ Μοράλες, Scott Snyder, Σκοτ Σνάιντερ