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Vilehunter (Έξωση)

New Vilehunter (Έξωση)
Mack is a college student, despairing of the state of the world. A suspicious wizard, Pierre, reveals to Mack that he is the new Vile Hunter, responsible for the peaceful coexistence of the physical and the metaphysical...
Fanzine written in Greek!

Για την πλήρη περιγραφή, γυρίστε στην Ελληνική
IllustratorΝίκος Ποσαζέννικοβ,
AuthorΝίκος Ποσαζέννικοβ

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Tags: Αυτοέκδοση, Selfpublished, fanzine, Φανζίν, Νίκος Ποσαζέννικοβ, Nick Tragg