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Samurai Dream

New Samurai Dream
Nineteen-year-old Dexter has spent years traveling the world, driven by an unyielding dream: to join the legendary Samurai Tribe. After a relentless search, he finally discovers their hidden temple, only to find that the once-mighty tribe is reduced to just three surviving members. These warriors, scarred by a devastating world war that nearly obliterated their kind centuries ago, have isolated themselves from the outside world to survive.

Dexter’s passion and determination to become one of them are put to the ultimate test. To gain their trust and prove his worth, he must face one of the remaining samurai in a fierce battle. As the clash begins, the air is thick with tension—will Dexter’s dreams shatter against the blade of a true samurai, or will he emerge victorious, earning a place among the last of the legendary warriors? The fate of his lifelong ambition hangs in the balance, in a showdown where honor, skill, and destiny collide.

IllustratorΔανιήλ Παπαλάμπρος,
AuthorΔανιήλ Παπαλάμπρος

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Tags: Αυτοέκδοση, Selfpublished, Anime, Manga, Daniel Papalambros, Δανιήλ Παπαλάμπρος, Danni_san