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Athens: the comic book #02

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Written in English.

Athens: the comic book is a collection of short stories inspired by Athens - the chaos, the beauty, the darkness, diversity and hope found in this great city. We sent an open call for stories, gave freedom to participants to choose their theme, and received romantic, realistic, social, and true stories. In the new anthology "Athens: The comic book # 2" arose from the need of established and young artists to tell stories inspired by the great changes that have taken place in Athens over the last 2 years.

Different perspectives speak of different aspects of city life: apart from the urban landscape of Athens that gave inspiration to Katerina Stamati and Kristel Pent, the lifestyle of Athenian society at the time of the crisis is presented in a caustic way by Tety Solou and Efi Theodoropoulou (and senario by Theoni Drakopoulou), while Wild Drawings approaches with humor the failings of todays society. Despite the dystopian vision of Thanassis Petrou, Malk and Nikos Papamichail, each story ends with an optimistic note with the things that still give us hope in these times - a similar climate is prevalent in the stories on relationships in Athens by Giorgos Tsardanidis and Alexia Lougiaki. The lyrical approach of the Athenian urban landscape by Evangelos Androutsopoulos, a creator moving between Athens and Helsinki, Manolos snapshots from daily life and the cover of Daniel Egneus highlight images and thoughts typical of anyone who moves in the city of Athens.

Introduction - Evi Sabanikou
Entrance tips - Katerina Stamati
Tzatziki and boukovo - Tety Solou
Sushi with Sasha - Efi Theodoropoulou (senario Theoni Drakopoulou)
Snapshots - Manolo
Dream day - Kristel Pent
Memorundum 4 / Peace Nobel / Working man / Victim / Status update / Security - Wild Drawing
Homeless - Malk
Siege - Thanassis Petrou
The last tree - Nikos Papamihail
The Waltz - Alexia Lougiaki
Ruins - Evangelos Androutsopoulos
Above the Spring - Giorgos Tsardanidis

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